Body Image and Self-Esteem Group

A group for girls and young women who desire a healthier relationship with their bodies. Targeting adolescents and young adults who are active in their recovery efforts and who have struggled with disordered eating. Group incorporates Body Positive material as well as art therapy. Please contact 804.325.1669 or visit

Coping Skills Group for Teen Girls

A collaborative process group for High School girls who want to learn more positive ways to cope with overwhelming emotions. Targeting girls who engage in self damaging behaviors, struggle with depression, anxiety, and/or eating disorders. Uses DBT and CBT skills. High School girls meet with Christine Lamps, LCSW and Christopher Lamps, MD. Please contact 804.325.1669 or visit

Escaping the Mind Trap: Adult ED Group

This group targets adults struggling with anxiety and disordered eating who want to learn positive ways to overcome the obstacles in their lives, stop avoidance patterns, find balance, and start living! ACT and CBT skills will be taught in this group.  Please contact 804.325.1669 or visit

Relapse Prevention Group

This peer and therapist facilitated process group meets twice per month to address the ongoing but advanced issues in recovery. The group targets males and females who have previously been in one or more treatment facilities. Topics to include relationships with peers, family and intimates; school and job issues, exercise, communication with treatment teams; balancing recovery with life responsibilities. No Fee. Bi-monthly sessions. Please contact 804.325.1669 or visit

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